UTF-8 CuteNews

UTF-8 CuteNews is a powerful and easy to use news management system. It is based on CuteNews 1.4.6 and includes numerous features such as commenting, archives, searching, file upload management, backups, IP banning and flood protection.
CuteNews is maintained officially again and has seen very important changes since the creation of UTF-8 CuteNews, which has served successfully as a quick fix for issues in CuteNews 1.4. Please check out the new CuteNews 1.5 branch. It contains a great and stable interface with many new changes. UTF-8 CuteNews is outdated now.

Download UTF-8 CuteNews

Current version: 9.1.1
Download UTF-8 CuteNews v9.1 (277 KB)

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Documentation & Articles

Some interesting articles for UTF-8 CuteNews users.

» Purpose of UTF-8 CuteNews
» UTF-8 CuteNews & security
» Customizing languages
» Password-protecting articles
» Image Captcha
» Changelog - Documentation of all the changes which have been made.

Support, Contact

Support for UTF-8 CuteNews can be obtained at the CutePHP.com forum: the forum for the regular CuteNews. I can be found under the name (lKj) thereon.
For suggestions or general questions regarding the script, I can be contacted through my contact form personally. Please use the forum for support questions.


UTF-8 CuteNews is based on CuteNews 1.4.6 from CutePHP.com. The original CuteNews license (enclosed in the zip file) also applies to UTF-8 CuteNews. I merely claim some of the changes done based on CuteNews as my own work, while other code changes were provided by users from the CutePHP community.
UTF-8 CuteNews uses a modified version of GreyWyvern.Com's UTF-8 converter to process foreign characters and is licensed under the BSD license.


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